Andrew Santino Net Worth 2024 – Career, Age, Height & Income

Collecting information about comedians is always fun. But the real query is who is valuable searching for. Today I am here with a new topic. He is a well-known comedian around the globe.ย 

You might hear of the Famous comedian Andrew Santino. If you are new to comedy and want to Gather information about him we are here to provide you valuable information regarding Andrew. We will be covering his early life, career, net worth & personal life.

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is a multitasker. He is a successful comedian, actor and writer in the United States. Letโ€™s uncover his upbringing, he was born and raised in Chicago on 16th October 1983. Andrew was passionate about comedy from his childhood. Furthermore, he knows how to answer any talk in a comic manner which is the actual quality of comedians.

After completing his education with the best grades he takes a new step towards his professional life as a comedian. However, most people dream about becoming pilots, entrepreneurs and engineers. It looks very different career when someone wants to become a comedian. Thatโ€™s as rare as a hen’s teeth.

Andrew Santino becomes successful with all his hard work. Right after their studies, he was invited to a New York comedy club to do live shows. All this captured the attention of the Hollywood comedy industry and he was invited to Los Angeles to make up the last episodes.

Andrew Santino Net Worth

Andrew Santino Net Worth 2024:

According to our research, Andrew Santino’s wealth is around $6 million. The net worth is calculated from all his contributions to his Netflix comedy special, acting and writing.

Andrew Santino Career:

Andrew Santino became famous due to his comedy specials. He performed in so many live shows due to his comic talk he made the attendant laugh. In his comedy show, there is not a single person who ends up in his live comedy show without laughing.

Aside from comedy, he is a well-known Actor. He made some outstanding appearances in famous TV projects and movies. In these projects, he played the role of comedian and due to his comic, he was applauded for his amazing performance.

Lastly, letโ€™s talk about his writing domain. Andrew is also passionate about writing. Mostly, he writes his scripts with laughter and comedy. Like Andrew, other comedian also appreciates his writing skills. Even in America, Andrew managed the top position in the list of comedians.

Andrew Santino TV Specials:

His first official appearance was on the MTV show โ€œPunkโ€™dโ€. This show helped him to locked first position in Hollywood. Eventually, he performed in some other famous tv shows including โ€œMixologyโ€, โ€œThis is usโ€ and โ€œDaveโ€. These shows became so famous and made the audience crazy about Andrew’s comedy.

Andrew’s special includes โ€œ Homefield Advantagesโ€ and Red Rocketโ€. These 2 specials were the best source of his fame and recognition. All in all, Andrew co-hosted a podcast with his partner โ€œ Whiskey Gingerโ€ Which plays the role of icing on the cake.

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Andrew Santino Age, Height, and Weight:

Andrew Santino was born on 16th October 1983. He is 41 Years old as of 2024. He has an outstanding height of 5 feet 1 inch and weighs around 79 kg. He is living a healthy life the reason behind this is he takes a healthy diet and goes to a regular gym to keep his body in shape.

Andrew Santino Notability Project:

In life, one big project can take you 3-5 years forward financially. For him, it was a drama series named โ€œ Dying Up Hereโ€. This show was released in 2017 and kept on going for a long time. Moreover, Andrew worked hard to get fame from his drama series.

Following that, many projects were offered to him after this successful venture. This was a turning point for him after that the door to success was opened for him.

Andrew Santino Net Worth

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Andrew Santino achieved his dream as the best comedian in the United States. Andrew makes his dream come true. Becoming successful from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to face many hurdles to be successful. There is the famous quote โ€œ If you want to achieve something then important is to start. Andrew did the same and started comedy at an early age.

Andrew was born a comedian and no one can compete with him. However, when someone is born with a hidden talent it is difficult to compete with him. In millions, Andrew is the best comedian.

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