Meekah Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Husband & YouTube

These days, most people are in the profession of social influencer and content creator. Many well-known celebrities have become active YouTube content creators. In Todayโ€™s topic, we will be discussing the famous content creator Meekah.

Who is Meekah?

Meekhan is a well-known YouTuber, Content creator, and social influencer. Her full name is Katlin Becker. However, she started the famous show Blippi. Most people are unaware of blippi Let me explain. It is a young kids’ show that provides detailed information on various topics. I will be covering all the details in upcoming headings.

Meekah Net Worth

Meekah’s Early Life and Education:

Meekah was born on 2nd February 1984 in Villa Hills, Kentucky. They are 4 siblings, including Meekah. She is the oldest of all. Her parents separated when she was 6 years old. After that, her mother remarried. Meekah did not continue a relationship with her father. Besides that, Meekah has a good relationship with her stepfather, who supports Meekah in every aspect.

Meekah started her education at Beechwood High School based in Fort Mitchell. Meekah was passionate about the artwork, so he performed in different competitions. She completed a degree in the Fine arts in musical theatre in 2006.

Meekah Husband & Kids:

Most people are interested in Meekah’s personal life. So let me uncover the details. Meekah is married to Kelly Martin on 8th September 2011.

Anyway, meekah keeps her personal life private. You might not know about Meekah because she is an animal lover and owns 2 dogs, Lola and Lulu. Meekah spends most of the time with her family and friends. However, her hobbies include traveling, reading, hiking, and spending time at home.

Meekah Luxury Lifestyle:

Meekah lives extremely luxurious with her partner Kelly Martin in the United States. At Half Way Point in York, he owns multiple houses with luxury cars. As I mentioned above, she loves to travel to different parts of the world with her better half.


Meekah was passionate about performing arts from the start. During her education, she loved to compete in competitions at her university and college levels. She collaborates with well-known companies and has some Noticeable roles like Transformer, Law and Order, Rescue Bots Academy, the Electric Company, and Sunny Side Up.

Meekah’s Net Worth in 2024:

Now comes the most interesting part to discuss, Meekah’s net worth. In Queue, this was the most asked query, so let’s uncover it. In 2024, Meekah’s net worth is $35 million. Her earnings come from various assets like YouTube, social media, and artwork.

Social Media and Netflix Earning:

Her YouTube channel mostly contributes to her net worth, with over 19 million subscribers. Meekah’s monthly channel revenue is around a million dollars, and a certain amount is shared with Meekah.

In 2022, Meekah signed a three-year contract with Netflix to cover the show Meekah World. The exact amount is not revealed, but it was heard that it was more than $30 million.

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Merchandise and Endowment:

Meekah has not disclosed her merchandise. But the reality is that she owns her own merchandise, which includes books, artwork, clothes, and skincare products. All the items are listed on her website, and on her social media, she sponsors different products in her videos.

Career as a Singer & Actor:

Meekah was also interested in acting and performing in functions at her school. Apart from that, she owns voice-over and writing skills Meekah contributes as a voice-over artist for commercial ads and animation videos. Mostly, she sings for children, and her album is proof of this.

Meekah Net Worth

Meekah Age, Height & Weight:

Meekah was born on 2nd February 1984. In 2024, she is 40 years old. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 58 kg. Her good health is the reason for healthy food and exercise. Her zodiac sign is astrology.

Meekah’s Net Worth 2018 – 2024:

From year to year, there is a change in Meekah’s net worth. She proved himself one of the most well-known personalities of all time. Her social media accounts helped her to increase her worth from time to time. Here is the table:

Meekah Net Worth 2024 $35 Million
Meekah Net Worth 2023 $30 Million
Meekah Net Worth 2022 $15 Million
Meekah Net Worth 2020 $8 Million
Meekah Net Worth 2019 $5 Million
Meekah Net Worth 2018 $1 Million

Meekah Social Media:

Meekha Instagram

Meekah Wikipedia

Meekah YouTube


Becoming successful is not everyone’s cup of tea. Meekah is famous and successful among young children. She covers educational content on her Youtube channel for children and toddlers, and the parents are her dedicated fans. Meekah owns a wealth of $35 million and is the motivation for many females around the globe.

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